When will my materials be Delivered?

Materials are scheduled within 1-2 days before the installation.

How long will it take to complete the job?

There are a few thing you should take into consideration.
Weather Permitting, it usually takes between 1-2 days .
Please be flexible with the schedule, as it is nearly impossible to schedule construction to the day
and hour. It is very possible the project before yours could run a day over, or the chance for
precipitation may be higher than we would like on your planned start day.

What time does work begin on the day of installation?

The crews can start as early as 6:30 a.m. sorry for any inconvenience.

I have a Satellite, will my service be interrupted?

During the construction of the roof, we’re going to have to detach and reset your satellite if you
have one. The roofers will do their best to put it back exactly how you had it, but sometimes the
signal doesn’t come back and the cable company has to come out and calibrate it.
If that does happen, go ahead and call the cable company and we will reimburse you for the service

Where should I park my cars?

Be sure to park on the street the night before so you don’t get trapped in the garage during

Will you clean-up after the job is complete?

The construction of a roof involves a lot of nails and debris.
Our crew members do their best to go through the yard with a magnet afterwards to pick up as many
nails as they can. Please be careful after the project is complete and keep your eye out for any
strays. In some instances if the crew finishes late and it is getting dark, there may be more nails than
usual left behind. If you are finding an unacceptable amount of debris in the yard, please call us as
soon as possible we want to ensure everything is handled with care and attention.

What do I do with any leftover materials?

We always order more materials than we need on a job because it is better to have some left over
than not enough, as it can delay projects by a couple days to over a week. Any leftovers materials
will be picked up by our company after the completion of the project.


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